Amber glass jar looks vintage or antique. The Jar has bubbles in the glass.

Handmade pieces from our shops.


This scent was created by A:Note Laboratory. About  a trip to Aix-en-Provence in summer. Working with a blend of sweet Bergamot and Cyclamen to exhilarate the fig leaf, creating a sense of hazy & balmy summer. The aim was to reinvent the scent of the whole fig tree, from the crisp verdancy and the bitter stems, the bark and the freshness of the sap. When burning the combination of both earthy and sweet notes create and inspiring atmosphere. 


550ml 18oz

120 hours burning time.


Blended with...

Lemon, Bergamot
Cyclamen, Fig Leaves, 



A:NOTE LABORATORY | Large Handmade Amber Glass Jar [18OZ]

  • -產品經香港速遞送出,一般需時3至5天不等。

    -每件手造產品差異會略有不同, 一切以實物為準。